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Terminator 3 Groni FS Mod (RPG Fixed)


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Can´t make my dmd stay in position.

It´s like it has hard coded coordinates, but I can´t find any.

Placed it correct, but after restart, it´s back on the wrong place again... :questionmark:

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.SplashInfoLine = "Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines - Stern 2003" & vbNewLine & "A Visual Pinball Table by Megapin V1.1"

.HandleKeyboard = 0

.ShowTitle = 0

.ShowDMDOnly = 1

.ShowFrame = 0

.HandleMechanics = 0

.Hidden = 0

On Error Resume Next

.Run GetPlayerHWnd

.SetDisplayPosition 1830, 460 (here you put the coordinates for you use)

If Err Then MsgBox Err.Description

On Error Goto 0

End With

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Anyone figure out the script error. its just a generic script arguments error. no line number.

It does this only if you replace the set controller to ultravp.backglassserv

Try commenting out the line

.SetDisplayPosition 1830, 460

like this

'.SetDisplayPosition 1830, 460

Now not only can you move the DMD and it save it. You can use the UltraVP.BackglassServ with no script error

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