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LOL... OK guys, I have received so far 2 paypal donations for UW, but I cant place a user name to a real name, please PM me with how much you donated so I can place you in the honors. =)


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Mameman is waiting for some parts to arrive. If you haven't yet sent the parts , Please get hold of Mameman for his address to send it too, and or ask me and Ill give it to you.

This is very much alive =)


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Yes its still happening... Just waiting on some parts to show up. One of our members that was contributing a major part had real life issues, thus we had to wait on it to show.

great things are built with time.


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OK folks. This has just come to my attention this morning. I think all intentions werer very good here but this never happened. After talking to another forum member it looks like a Mini Pin would suit his needs better. This time I am going to make sure this deal goes through quickly. If there is any $$ sitting in a pot for this please let me know. If not then I will start collecting parts & money from anyone interested. This WILL happen real quickly folks. UW has done a lot for us and this is just a small token of gratitude.

I will at least donate all the cabinet hardware, buttons and wiring. I will build the machine and ship it to him. More if needed

Greg-MAMEMAN is donating the cabinet

Brad-Lucian045 Can you donate a set of our stock Mini Graphics?

I'd like to get this wrapped up in the next week or 2 so lets make it happen folks!!!!

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