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      Uploading Content   12/15/2017

      Please Read Before Uploading.... Thank You to everyone that shares their creations in the Upload Here section. There is some outstanding contributions to check out. Some simple things to help people find your content and admins to manage uploads. Post a topic in HyperStudio forum before uploading Upload to the correct Sub Section Use tags Please add details to your Title Good Title: -   World of Warcraft (PC Games) (16:9)
      Bad Title: -   World of Warcraft Aspect Ratio = (16:9), (16:9ST), (4:3)
      System = (Hyperlist Names)
      Details = Main Menu, System Default, +Wheel, Animated BG, Universal Theme.......
        Peace Out Thatman84


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Everything else until we make a category for it.

83 files

  1. MameUIFX 64bit + NoNag - Raw-input

    patched no-nag with removed white windows



  2. MameUIFX 64bit + NoNag - Directinput

    Patched with forced Directinput and no nag screen with removed white windows



  3. Mame 64bit + NoNag - Hi-score - Raw-input

    Patched Raw-input with No-Nag and hiscore support



  4. mameuifx64 w/No Nag

    Here is mameuifx64 0.170.1



  5. mameuifx64 0.170 w/No Nag

    Here is mameuifx64 0.170 w/No Nag



  6. MAME x64 0.170 w/No Nag+Hi Score+Direct Input

    Here is MAME x64 0.170 w/No Nag+Hi Score+Direct Input



  7. HyperSpin FullScreen Launcher

    This package contains two files to be placed with HyperSpin.exe
    You can select to start them instead of HyperSpin.exe.
    HyperSpinFullScreen.exe = Starts HyperSpin in fullscreen mode.
    HyperSpinNotFullScreen.exe = Starts HyperSpin in windowed mode.
    I do not expect a lot of people to use this, but I have my HyperSpin setup on the network for multiple machines.
    On my work computer, where I set everything up, I do not want to start HS in fullscreen.
    On my arcade machines, I do want to start it fullscreen.
    I always forgot to change manually so it always opens the "wrong" way.
    Running HyperSpinNotFullScreen.exe on my work computer and HyperSpinFullScreen.exe on my arcade machines makes sure they always start HS in the correct way.
    All it really does it change the FullScreen value in Settings.ini to either true or false before launching "HyperSpin.exe".
    Sources are included...



  8. MAME x64 0.169 No Nag+Direct Input+Hi Score

    Here is MAME x64 0.169 w/No Nag+Direct Input+Hi Score.



  9. MAMEuifx 0.169 no-nag, raw-input, 64bit

    MAMEuifx 0.169 no-nag, raw-input, 64bit
    didnt see one made so i uploaded mine to share



  10. mameuifx64 0.168 No Nag

    Here is mameuifx64 0.168 No Nag



  11. mameuifx 0.168 x86 w/No Nag

    Here is mameuifx 0.168 x86 with No Nag.



  12. MAME 0.168 x86 No Nag+Direct Input+Hi Score

    Here is MAME 0.168 x86 with No Nag+Direct Input+Hi Score



  13. MAME 0.168 x64 No Nag+Direct Input+Hi Score

    Here is MAME 0.168 x64 No Nag+Direct Input+Hi Score



  14. mameuifx 0.167 x64 No Nag

    Here is mameuifx 0.167 x64 No Nag.



  15. MAME 0.167 x64 No Nag+Hi Score+Direct Input

    Here is MAME 0.167 x64 No Nag+Hi Score+Direct Input.



  16. MAME 0.166 x32 Hi Score+No Nag+Direct Input

    Here is the x32 version of MAME 0.166 w/Hi Score,No Nag,Direct Input.



  17. Lightgun-MameUIFX-0166_No_Nag-No_MSG

    includes preset main files setup for lightguns.. with the compiled MameUIFX mods
    Important note: do not enable dual lightgun; it will actually disable 2x lightgun if turned on



  18. mameuifx64 0.166 No Nag+light gun working

    mameuifx64 0.166 nonag + light gun sight ok with this one.



  19. mameuifx64 0.166 No Nag

    Here is mameuifx64 0.166 with No Nag



  20. MAME 0.166 x64 Hi Score+No Nag+Direct Input

    Here is MAME 0.166 x64 Hi Score+No Nag+Direct Input



  21. MAME 0.165 x64 Hi Score + No Nag

    MAME x64 0.165 Hi Score + No Nag



  22. Controller Mapper for JoyToKey

    I share here an Excel tool I made that helps creating JoyToKey config files for different systems. With this tool, you can configure JoyToKey profiles for up to 12 systems and 6 pairs of physical controllers for each system. It semi-automates the process, preparing the text for the cfg files.
    I have a cab with 2 Ultimarc U360s (each one as a joystick with 8 buttons), and I also have several retro usb controllers that I use with different emulated systems. This tool helped a lot in the tedious process of making the JoyToKey profiles for all the possible combinations of controllers - system.
    I attach in this post the instructions (also copied below), an example file in pdf, the actual Excel file (zipped), and the JoyToKey profiles and RetroArch config files that I use in the example.
    I hope you find it useful, please feel free to use it, improve or re-distribute it.
    PS: the spreadsheet is initially protected so you can only enter data in the allowed cells, you can unprotect in the Review pane, it has no password.
    With this spreadsheet, you can configure JoyToKey profiles for up to 12 systems and 6 pairs of physical controllers.
    Step 1: Configure Key bindings for each "System"
    First you should configure each emulated system, you can configure up to 12 systems.
    In the "Main" worksheet, between rows 1 and 27, you must complete 3 columns for each system.
    On the light gray column, you must specify which "Emulated Buttons" the system uses, and name them. On the Player 1 and 2 columns, you must enter which "Key" binds to each Emulated Button for players 1 and 2 in the selected System.
    E.g., for NES you need the Pad plus buttons "B", "A", "Select" and "Start". First enter the names of each "Emulated Button" on the light gray column (in this case, I chose "B", "A", "Select" and "Start"). Then enter which "Key" corresponds to each "Emulated Button" for each player in your designed emulator, for example in Retroarch in my case.
    The "Keys" you enter should match one of the available standard Windows keys, which you can find in the "Key Codes" worksheet. If you enter a "Key" that is not found, the cell will turn red. Look into "Key Codes" for the names I chose for each key.
    Step 2: Configure each "Physical Controller"
    Next you should configure each "Physical Controller", up to 6, in the "Main" worksheet, between columns A and D, rows 28 to 100.
    In my case I use Ultimarc's U360s with 8 buttons each for my arcade cabinet, Logitech F710, and some RetroLink imitation controllers and adapters.
    For each controller, you should name each "Physical Button" in column C, and enter in column D which actual button number it is. You can configure up to 10 buttons for each controller (plus the Pad), numbers 1 to 10. (Sorry if you need more!)
    To find out which number corresponds to each Physical Button, plug your controller, go to "Set up USB Game Controllers" in Windows, select the controller and go to "Properties". You should get to the window you see on the right. Then press each button and see which number lights up in this window.
    Here you can also optionally chose a button for each physical controller that will always work as "Escape" (in all systems) when pressed for more than half a second. You enter the "Escape button" number to the right of the controller name, on column D. Leave it blank if you do not want to use this feature.
    Each physical controller will use 2 Joystick tabs in JoyToKey, always the same number in all the system. In order for this to work, you should map each Physical controller to a Joystick Number in JoyToKey. With your joystick/s plugged, in JoyToKey got to "Settings", "Configure Joysticks", "2.Advanced Setting for each device". Then select your plugged joystick in "Please select a device", and "Specify a preferred number when this device is connected". Now JoyToKey will always assign the selected Joystick number when this device is selected. (This is stored in the JoyToKey.ini file)
    Step 3: Map each "Physical button" to each "Emulated Button"
    You then need to map each "Physical Button" of each "Physical Controller", to the different "Emulated Buttons" in each system. (the direction Pads are always mapped to the same keys)
    This is done between columns E and AN, rows 28 to 100. For each "System"-"Physical Controller" pair, you need to complete only the light gray column: enter the name of the "Emulated Button" that is assigned to each "Physical Button". The Keys the correspond to that Emulated Button are completed automatically.
    Step 4: Create the .cfg files.
    When you are finished mapping, you have to create the JoyToKey .cfg file for each system. This is a semi-automatic method.
    With RocketLauncherUI, create an empty JoyToKey Profile for each system (or emulator), and locate the file .cfg it creates. Then go the "JoyToKey cfg" spreadsheet, enter the system number (1-12) in cell C1, select column A (go to cell A1, and press Ctrl+Shift+↓), and copy paste into your .cfg file.
    Alternatively, you can print the "JoyToKey Maps" spreadsheet, and enter profiles manually.
    Works with JoyToKey v 5.7.
    Spreadsheets are protected for your convenience. If you want to Unprotect them, just go to the Review Pane in Excel and press "Unprotect Sheet". There is no password.



  23. Bluetooth Enable/Disable Scripts for Taito Type X

    Small scripts used for disabling and reenabling Bluetooth when running Taito Type X games to avoid problems caused by having Bluetooth enabled.



  24. Tur-RemoveDupes

    This nifty little program has one purpose. To remove files with the same name but different extensions.
    Example: Say you have a lot of .png images in your Videos folder to be used instead of videos in HyperSpin.
    Now, more and more .mp4 files are being released on EmuMovies instead and suddenly, you have both:
    1st Division Manager (Europe).png
    1st Division Manager (Europe).mp4
    in your videos folder.
    You only want the mp4 file.
    Run the program, point it to the folder to cleanup and specify the extension you want to KEEP (.mp4).
    It will then go through and move any dupes that are NOT mp4 to a "Backup" subdirectory.
    So, it will not delete anything, only move it to a Backup dir in the dir you specify for cleanup.
    Another example: You have both .flv and .mp4 files in your Videos folder. You want to prioritize .mp4 files and move .flv duplicate files out of the way.
    The first time you run it, an .ini file will be created with the settings you select. This is simply so that the same selection will be the default if you run the program again.



  25. RoM-Jacket

    The main features of RoM-Jacket include:
    Automated HTPC frontend setup
    Per-Game settings management
    Game asset consolidation
    Executable ROM creation.
    What is it?
    RoM-Jacket creates a native Windows application layer for retro-emulation.
    It is a comprehensive utility for any ROM library and is the ONLY ROM-library management tool which enables per-game settings.
    What do I need this for?
    RoM-Jacket can automatically setup HTPC frontends, emulators and joysticks.
    The goal of this project is to unify the interface for emulators and systems in order to maintain the integrity of ROM titles as they exist in an active HTPC gaming-library.
    What else can it do?
    Download torrents, magnets, urls and automatically identify, extract and catalog ROMs and BIOS files
    Mirror your saves and save-states into a cloud (Dropbox/GDrive/OneDrive)
    Convert ROMs into portable executables



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