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Big Bang Pin - 46/30/15.6 LED Widebody (custom artwork, bezel less, deep playfield)


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Hey guys,

I will sell my first pinball cabinet to start a new adventure. This time I want custom artwork and a deeper mounted playfield LED monitor with additional "inhouse" flashers.

Let the party begin!


Thanks to the great hyperpin community (for this project especially to mameman, gstav and h4ck3r) - you guys rock! :beer:

- cabinet

  • new MDF widebody cabinet (original bally/williams size)
  • new pinball legs
  • new widebody lockbar (mirror polished)
  • new (small) pinball siderails (mirror polished)
  • new stainless steal backbox hinges (mirror polished)
  • new coindoor (illuminated) with original pinball service buttons
  • new playfield and backbox safety glass
  • wired and fully functional coin acceptors (for real arcade feeling)
  • original williams speakerpanel

- screens

  • 46" playfield SAMSUNG UE46C6000 LED 1920x1080 LCD screen
  • 30" backglass NEC LCD3000 1280x768 LCD screen (professional public display)
  • 15.6" dmd widescreen HANNSG HK162ABB LCD screen
  • update: original pinball DMD (vishay full orange LED without segments) connected via USB pindmd driverboard

- pc setup

  • optimized win XP SP3 - 32bit
  • INTEL quad core CPU i7-2600K overclocked
  • MSI P67A-GD65, P67 mainboard
  • SCYTHE MUGEN2 CPU cooler with 2x 14cm fans
  • 2x2GB GSKILL RAM DDR3 1600+ CL7-8-7-24
  • 1x NVIDIA GTX285 2048MB GPU overclocked
  • 64GB SAMSUNG 830 SSD (520MB/S)
  • SOUNDBLASTER X-FI SB0460 soundcard
  • 4.1 (5.1) TEUFEL CONCEPT E300 soundsystem with 10" subwoofer and 2way satellites
  • 600W PSU high efficiency OCZ modXtreme

- additional details

  • 3 mercury switches for nudging (left, middle, right)
  • original STAR TREK TNG plunger gun (sensitive ball shooting / skillshot possible)
  • InterfASD buttoninterface (like IPAC32)
  • 3x 22cm fans for cab ventilation (2x cabinet / 1x backbox)
  • custom made topper (2 layers) with LED attract mode animation (64 LEDs via PACLED64)

- force feedback affe.gif

  • complete LEDWIZ force feedback package (all 32 outputs pinballROM controlled)
  • 8 contactors to hear and feel the mechanical flipper, slingshot, bumper etc. action
  • shaker/vibration motor with intensity control (PWM)
  • 10 high power RGB-LED flashers (5 on backbox and 5 parallel to playfield area)
  • stroboscope effects (on backbox, playfield and bottom side of the cab)
  • gear/wiper motor to emulate all mechanical gear sounds
  • RGB-LED illuminated flipper buttons (for dedicated flipper button colors)
  • RGB-LED strips for bottom/floor illumination, wired parallel to RGB-LED flipper buttons
  • original pinball replay knocker for the real deal
  • LED illuminated, rom controlled front buttons (start, launchball, extraball)

- updates

  • Here is a first video of the cab



  • wood work on the cabinet is completed



  • custom artwork is ready to print... 23 different characters and a COW?! :D


  • applying the artwork





  • topper is made up. LED animated via pacled. 2 layers with bart in the foreground.



  • mounted the plunger gun


  • first test with Indiana Jones, Scared Stiff B2S, White Water,Theatre of Magic and Attack from Mars. I love the "3D illusion"








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Guest gstav


Glad you dared to take the step as I love your new ideas and the artwork!

Snap-O'hoy Chriz! Want me daly pics! :D


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thanks guys! here we go :D

first pics

samsung LED screen got delivered. was surprised about the very thin package :drool:


testing the screen with my sttng vpin pc


decased it


and was surprised again about the 14mm - looks like a slimline cd-rom :D


mounted a wooden lcd supportframe due to the sensitive, just 14mm thin LED panel


and tested it again directly on my sttng vpin ;) visual pinball gameplay is awesome when you enable the game mode and disable all other "image enhancer". I love the punchy image!


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Guest gstav

*lol* @ maxxinner :D

Looking superb chriz! Can't wait for this...

What's your timeframe? I guess 1 month, tops! Rigth? :D

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got some parcels today :call2:

Teufel concept E300 5.1 high quality soundsystem with 10" subwoofer and two-way satellite speaker. Should be awesome with a xi-fi xtreme soundblaster card.



I will use it as a 4.1 soundsystem with 2 backbox satellites and 2 cabinet satellites... idea is to get more pinball sound from the cabinet/playfield section.

it will be mounted as follows


for that pc/component drawer I found some really nice "soft closing" slides. you can load up to 50kg :D


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