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  1. Shadow Warrior SE free on Humble Bundle

    U can now get it for free in Steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/233130/Shadow_Warrior/ for 6 more hours
  2. Black Hazor

  3. just searched for a wheel and here we go: and a Box
  4. MSU-1 SNES CD Full Wheel

    These are games where CD quality soundtracks or videos were added into the games. Some of them are some hundred MB or even more. Just look them up on YT to see what i mean
  5. Mattel Intellivision Wheelset

    Mattel Intellivision Wheelset View File Somehow this set wasnt in the DL section so thats why I upload it now All Credits go to the original creators Submitter Black Hazor Submitted 06/13/2017 Category Wheel Packs HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  6. Forum Evolution

    Just found a little "bug" here is a screenshot of my profile: The Content Creator logo just isnt cropped to the field
  7. Forum Evolution

    Love this especially - thats what most people are here for i think. So why not have a spotlight place for it. Also really like the new creator Badge. same here
  8. Vielen Dank an dich! Sehr gut erklärt und nachvollziehbar.
  9. [System] MAME / Arcade Classic - Thread

    laut diesem Video gab es echte Automaten...aber so weit ich weiß gibt es keine Mame version
  10. Chris' Hyperspin Thread (Update 07.05.17)

    Ich fang im Januar auch wieder von vorne an...da kannn ich mir endlich mein Raid System zusammenbasteln. Denke aber das ist gar nicht so schlecht da ich nun viel mehr Ehrfahrung gesammlt hab. Trotzdem mies das dir sowas passiert ist. Hoffe sehr das du wenigstens noch deine Games und Artworks hast. Immer weiter machen!!!
  11. Hyperspin Mario Wheel

    I actually have some VHS Tapes of this show laying around *nerdgasm*
  12. How to get default themes to show boxart ?

    U need to change the settings in ur theme.xml inside of the default theme. Just look wich Artworks are inside of the zip and have a look into the theme.xml. If Artwork3 isnt used allready just add this line to get ur flyers working: <artwork3 x="512" y="384" r="0" time="1" delay ="0.5" type="none" start="right" rest="none"/> u might need to play around with the x and y coordinates to get the positioning right. if u want to use animation u need to add a type of animation like "blur" or "fade" or something of ur liking hope i could help