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  1. Hello I heard that you are the best of the best when it comes to Special Art I have 2 questions
    I am looking for a ready-made or how to make a special art with xbox, psx and arcade buttons to change in 5 sec + no change hour, date and weather you can help.
    Sure they are ready special art but unfortunately I do not have a premium yet so I can not see everything ; (

  2. Variables batch is a mess as a little error in the text file will f**k the whole thing To convert the psd to png you can use directly photoshop. Open a psd, start recording an action, save the file as .png and stop the action. Then launch the action on the folder containing the psd. Learning how to use action is really useful while working with this stuff, not many people knows what you can really do with actions, they spare LOTS of works (though the feature is a bit bugged), Another thing: before seriously start using action learn to "normalize" dpi. Some PS features depends on dpi (es merging a new image into a ps document) and lots of set have different dpi settings. Obviously you can correct the dpi of a set with an action
  3. As far as I get the shield version of HS does not read .swf actionscript. This is a problem as using AS3 you can automatize some stuff, for example if the text don't fit the space it scrolls. You can actually use variables batch in photoshop to automatically fill textfield BUT later you need to check the thing as some text might be too long for the space you reserved to it. A random tutorial for the thing
  4. I'd totally avoid jpeg, never liked it. Basically it's a choice between awful compression/good quality or awful quality/good compression. I really like .png, a good compromise, but printer services usually hates .png. If you are using photoshop the best choice, probably, is .psd (merge all layers before saving) but, again, not everyone accept .psd. Lots of printing people like .pdf. pdf is actually good IF in photoshop you merge all layers, select .zip compression (basically you ends up with a zipped .tiff) and set the correct dpi. While making graphic set PS document at last at 300 dpi (remember photoshop do NOT support vector graphic, only vector masks) and if you' are going pdf make a clear statement its's a 300dpi and it must be printed a 300 dpi (i had some problems with some prints that seemed printed at 75 dpi)
  5. For the video glitch some changes to HS code should be made. The "logic" as far as i see is "stop video when launch button is pressed", in my as3 theme i moved videos on an external folder and the background swf itself loads the video, the code removes the video when HS goes off-focus and loads it when HS goes in-focus. stage.addEventListener( Event.ACTIVATE, activateCb, false, 0, true ); stage.addEventListener( Event.DEACTIVATE, deactivateCb, false, 0, true ); function activateCb(e:Event):void{ ns.play(HSpath + "/dark13/Aeon Nox/Video/" + SystemName + "/" + RomName + ".mp4"); } function deactivateCb(e:Event):void{ ns.close(); nc.close(); vid.clear(); } if (video_fullscreen == 0) { vid.y = video_y; vid.x = video_x; vid.width = video_width; vid.height = video_height; mesh.graphics.beginBitmapFill(new MeshBitmapData(), null, true, false); mesh.graphics.drawRect(video_x, video_y, video_width, video_height); mesh.graphics.endFill(); mesh.alpha = video_scanlines_alpha; b.y = video_y; b.x = video_x; b.width = video_width; b.height = video_height; if (curved_screen_effect == 0) { b.alpha = 0; } } else { vid.y = video_fs_y; vid.x = video_fs_x; vid.width = video_fs_width; vid.height = video_fs_height; mesh.graphics.beginBitmapFill(new MeshBitmapData(), null, true, false); mesh.graphics.drawRect(video_fs_x, video_fs_y, video_fs_width, video_fs_height); mesh.graphics.endFill(); mesh.alpha = video_scanlines_alpha; b.y = video_fs_y; b.x = video_fs_x; b.width = video_fs_width; b.height = video_fs_height; if (curved_screen_effect == 0) { b.alpha = 0; }
  6. The age old PC Spec Question

    Maybe a Z270 mobo would be better, here price of older stuff is not competitive. You can avoid an "hi-end" mobo, intel core i seems to overclock decently even on "economic" motherboard (if they have overclock feature). For the OS hard disk get a m.2 ssd, they are freaking fast compared to sata.
  7. The age old PC Spec Question

    Hyperthreading is not that useful in emulation, most emulators use just 2 cores, so i'd go with an intel i5. I'd pick a 6600k with a good aftermarket heatsink and an overclock enabled motherboard to push on cpu clock. 8gb should be enough but CEMU (wiiU emulator) seems to go beyond 8gb on same games due to compiled shaders. If you plan also a bit of windows gaming a decent videocard is a must. Gtx1070 is perfect for 1080p and not "high end" 4k gaming. Probably it's an overkill but it might avoid a new videocard for some years.
  8. A really nice idea, americans will surely love this Too sad the tournament was not held in Europe -.-
  9. Yeah, just pick a game, anyway there's more than 20 point difference between the first three position.
  10. Last place on my pick... I love it when a plan comes together lol.
  11. HyperSpin install, potential virus infection

    Really, there is no malware inside HS, but HS is a software that has a "suspicious" behaviour (it launches commandline, loads external files and so on). The only thing you should do to be 100% safe is prevent HS accessing the internet using windows firewall. HS DOES NOT access internet BUT .swf runnning inside HS can access internet. For example there are some weather widgets released by marcoqwerty and ninja2bceen based on my as3 code that connects to yahoo! weather to get weather forecast inside hyperspin. If you have some doubts about a .swf obviously you can disassemble it to check if some code is running in it (very few themes contains code, i think only my "Aeon Nox XIII" and "pure" relies on additional code running inside HS).
  12. You can't do that. You can create themes that don't have the bug (not using HS "video" features and loading the video directly inside a .swf used as artwork layer or background) but you can't fix the bug in HS itself.