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  1. Hyperbase access

    A progress report would kick ass in all kinds of ways!
  2. Hyperbase access

    Thanks for letting us know! :
  3. Hyperbase access

    No news since october.... please give us something..!
  4. Hyperbase access

    I third this! Eager to try it out! =)
  5. Hyperbase access

    Any news?
  6. Hyperspin won't take focus after cold reboot

    Same on mine...
  7. Layout of new Hyperspin website

    The whats's new section is quite useless too. A big image and little space for the descriptive text ending up in us seeing a big image of something and the text "Sony Playstation 2 - ..." not very user friendly.
  8. Layout of new Hyperspin website

    I find no good way of listing new posts... Activity/all activity lists all posts in the threads and that's really annoying. Posting the thread topic once would be enough. I also find the new site really bloated and it feels sluggish ... and generally hard to navigate.
  9. RocketBlinky

  10. comercial hyperspin?

    ehh? you are comparing pandoras box and hyperspin? for real?
  11. My Emumovies projects

  12. My Emumovies projects

    Damned, have you tried messing with the emu settings? Try to switch off hw acceleration? switch between sdl/ogl/dx?