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  1. I didn't want to post anything lower than 100k, just barely made it.
  2. Sega Naomi Fades and Default Bezel

    It's a good effort but the quality is very poor. A lot of the fade screens are 4:3 images with the leftover space filled in by a totally different picture, usually cut off too. Some games just have art from prior or later versions, VF and SF are like this. There's also the game logo already on most of these images, which is kinda useless since fade mostly has the game logo on by default. A lot of redundant files in this pack as well. I don't need hundreds infobars and layer3/4 images, I just need the one that's in the DEFAULT directory. If you are really desperate to get some fade screens then this pack might be for you, otherwise I would stay far away.
  3. I was aiming for a 30K score but was a little short on that. I was in 3rd place when I originally posted my score and now I got my place back
  4. I've managed to better my score just in time for the deadline I hope
  5. There's no rules on that since not everyone has a cab or controller available. I've used keyboard and gamepad in the past, it just depends on which game I'm playing.
  6. I'm sure it's taking so long because they are adding in Denuvo
  7. HyperSpin doesn't recognize all of my games

    Yeah Rlauncher doesn't care all that much about capitalisation but I know from experience that Hyperspin insists the rom and media are named correctly. There's tools which do just that tho, look for Don's HyperSpin Tools 4.3.0 Beta if you need to rename a bunch of files at once.
  8. HyperSpin doesn't recognize all of my games

    Make sure your roms are named exactly like the listing in the database. Names are CaSe sensitive and this will probably be your issue.
  9. Here's my first attempt. Gotta agree with Thatman, the game looks easier than it plays.
  10. Ajouter le type de console

    Hi, there is software that allows what you want.
  11. Tried to improve my score a bit. Had a couple of runs to get the hang of the hard stage and managed to beat it. I ended up in the 2nd expert stage. Those were really hard.
  12. I only use the one button to accelerate, letting it go quickly drops your speed to around half the max speed. I don't think you can change gears in this game at least not when it's setup for joysticks which is the default config. For example I'm not letting go of my gas button until the 3rd stage for some of those combination corners. Flatout all the way! Upon testing the 2nd key is a toggle switch which doesn't do anything ingame except for entering the service menu when you boot up the machine. Got in another few runs and managed to beat my score by a tiny but, I need to practice a bit more on that 6th stage. I had it almost one time by 0.1 of a second.
  13. This is one of the few arcade games I used to play as a kid whenever there was a fair in town which was twice a year. We didn't have the wheel version but the standard cab with joysticks. I never managed to beat the 2nd stage as a kid however with some practice got to the 2nd snow stage.
  14. Poll for HS Challenge #50

    Not that it would have made any difference tho
  15. Famicom Disk System games - bad dumps?

    CRC doesn't really matter if you just want to play the game. You can use the Tosec set if it makes you feel any better I personally have the no-intro set and didn't really encounter any problems with roms marked as bad. You can fuzzy match the tosec set with Don's hypertools for easy renaming. The only time where CRC does matter is if you want to apply a translation patch to the game where it states that it requires that specific rom.