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  1. Hey! I really liked reading about your success with PadStarr and iPac. I have an ultimate and am having a hell of a time setting up PadStarr with my Ultimate and getting it to work. That, and I don't know which would be the best keyboard keys to program my ipac on to.

    Would you be interested in sharing your padstarr config files and any spreadsheets or planning documents that you used to get to your setup?

    Thanks! I just finished my Dreamcast themed arcade too, if you want to have a look. 


    1. diskmach


      Hi, nice cab, you really covered all possible controller needs. :)

      As for Padstarr, I'm still using it, and am pretty happy with it. It might be slightly hampered by the fact that the developer disappeared and development stopped, but it's pretty much the complete package already.

      As long as you remember to add exclusions to all programs that have the controller configured within the program or emulator, and when adding paths to programs that you set up a profile for, add the path both to the folder AND the exe,  as there is a buggy error message about corrupted files that might pop up otherwise.

      That being said, you might have misunderstood one thing, I never used Padstarr for anything else than the XBOX 360 controller. So any profiles and/ or config files would be pretty specific to me. Although i did post some of those profiles in the thread I believe.

      I still might be able to help you out if you have some more specific questions?

    2. tdscooter


      I'll have a look at the thread again to see what I missed. As for your set-up, I'm hoping to do something similar by mapping everything to the Xbox pad as well, as it's more likely to be compatible with the widest number of emulators, and the buttons, axes and joysticks double for most of what I have set-up on my cab.

      Specifically, I'm wondering a few things about yours. 

      1. Padstarr recognizes my IPAC Ultimate as two separate controllers (IPAC 1&2). Did you have that happen?

      2. I'll build a profile intended to be recognized as a 360 Xinput controller, but most emulators insist on recognizing the keyboard inputs instead of the padstarr profile, despite the profile being activated, even when running as admin. Did you ever have this happen? 

      Thanks again for your post -- once I get this all running, I'm hoping to make a video about my crazy control set-up that describes how it all works. I have a feeling that your suggestion will get me there.

    3. diskmach


      1 & 2, didn't have/try that, so not sure.

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