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  1. MASSIVE Sony PSP Video Snap Update (873 Videos)

    Fantastic. Thank you.
  2. My Emumovies projects

    Amazing as always. Thank you very much.
  3. Nintendo WiiWare Videos Released

    Great. Thank you very much.
  4. Nintendo WiiWare Videos Released

    This is awesome. Thank you. What DB was used for these. The old one that I've been using has over 450 entries in it and this also has 1 game that is not in that DB. Deer Drive Legends (USA).
  5. My Emumovies projects

    Thanks man. You are amazing.
  6. Alternative to VJoy for shelled HyperSpin?

    Maby you can try to run and close explorer.exe using ahk when you need it. Maby you can hide it with fade. I had this idea once when I ran into this issue, but I never tried it.
  7. I think there is a firmware update that turns off the bulbs when it's not in use.
  8. My Emumovies projects

    Thank you very much.
  9. A Poll! Everyone please vote!

    It treats a vote as a new post, right? I think that's why there are no new posts when you look in the thread.
  10. sega triforce playable games

    Just to clarify. As far as I know, there is no way to run the Triforce rom of F-Zero. The arcade version can be accessed through the gamecube game using a hack. I have not tried this, but I'm sure there is info online if anyone wants to explore it.
  11. Taito and Arcade PC

    Contra runs fine on windows 7 for me. I haven't done anything special to make it work. Ran fine from the start.
  12. My ini file also mysteriosly vanished a couple of days ago. Very strange. I changed a setting in hyperHQ. Then the ini file ONLY contained that last setting. A while later, the ini file was gone. Not in the thrashcan or anything. Luckily I keep a backup.
  13. Hyperspin 1.4.16 enhancement request

    No they are in mp4 format. HS will only play the audio when using them. There has been discussion about this. Some people have successfylly converted the videos to play in HS. These videos are also available on some torrent sites.
  14. Hyperspin 1.4.16 enhancement request

    Not sure what Hevc video is, but I would love to see support for the videosnaps that http://www.progettosnaps.net/ is releasing for MAME.
  15. Hyperspin 1.4.16 enhancement request

    No, you misunderstood. What I said was that it would be good if HS didn't have bugs that you need to work around (the scrolling issue). The multiple keys thing is just a feature that I would like to see. This is really no big deal. Just something that I've thought about, About the profile. Are you saying that RL will close any AHK script that you autorun with HS automatically when you launch a game? Or are we talking about different keymappers here? Maby we should stop using this thread for this discussion. It's getting a little off topic.