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Big thanks today to @RetroHumanoid @ghostlost @NEO207 @KlopjerO @dougan78 @Bungles @williecoiote @JSinn @VoidWalker @husko @Krakerman @Mykillvee @kymah @sky25es! Additional special thanks to @Circo and @DamnedRegistrations for the latest EmuMovies Sammy Atomiswave video set!



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Special thanks today for:

More PC themes from @ghostlost, @Bungles, and @NEO207:
Another sexy cinematic theme from @RetroHumanoid:
More MAME themes from both @Mykillvee and @kymah:
New arcade collections and Sega Dreamcast VMU content from @hoscarconh:
More impressive NES marquees from @VoidWalker:
More bezels and marquees from @Krakerman:
@SupraKarma shows off his upcoming fade screens to match his next "Ultimate" release:
More discs from @JSinn:
We got some gorgeous Wii U wheel updates from @diskmach:
And @MADrigal's Simulators marches on with more awesome updates!






























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(Gonna keep copying the text here but imma leave the pics on fb, it makes it a whore to load/scroll the page XD)

Special thanks to everyone involved today for:

Newcomer @cuponer0fills in some MAME wheel gaps:
UHD Sega Dreamcast Disc release from @SupraKarma! With special thanks to @Black Hazor for helping with scans!
@Accorsi has started an extremely impressive Commodore 64 box art project!
@JSinn whippin' his big discs out again:
@diskmach slaps his on the table as well, via his massive wheel projects:
@Krakerman still rockin it with his awesome 4K bezels and marquees:
@Kondorito and @gamesmame making great progress on their Nintendo Famicom wheels!
@VoidWalker releases a few dozen more big NES marquees:
Tons of new themes from @ghostlost, @NEO207, and @Mykillvee and one from @Bain408!

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Big thanks to @MADrigal @NEO207 @wardiz @srfran @Mykillvee @VoidWalker @mankin @JSinn @dionymnia @Krakerman for today's update!

HyperUpdate! What better way to end the weekend than with new content? :D
We got three gorgeous new beta releases from MADrigal:
Several more themes from NEO207:
wardiz gives us a more in-depth look at the making of his cabinet:
New themes from both srfran and Mykillvee:
VoidWalker made a slew of new NES marquees:
We got several new N64 wheels from mankin:
JSinn and dionymnia created more UHD++++ Nintendo GameCube discs:
And Krakerman has completed more sexy MAME marquees + bezel combos!
I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Special thanks today to @ghostlost @JSinn @Mykillvee @Bungles @leonardombn @husko @RLBradders26 @ignees!

HyperUpdate! Feels like lately every day sees more content releases than the last... it's a good feeling ;)
As always, more impressive themes and wheels from ghostlost:
More of JSinn's massive discs:
Mykillvee fills another MAME gap:
Bungles shows us a novel cab build:
Frets on Fire and Sega Ring themes from leonardombn:
Another gorgeous UHD SNES marquees from husko:
RLBradders26 gives us more love for FIFA 17:
And a slew of themes from ignees!
Enjoy and happy gaming!

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A big thank you to @ghostlost @Bungles @leonardombn @Mykillvee @Bjalready @kymah @NEO207 @rondar @JSinn @dionymnia @Kondorito @gamesmame @darktigrous @Krakerman @diskmach and @SupraKarma for their great work!

HyperUpdate! Be sure to check out our latest development teaser at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1b4bbsbS79A
Another big congrats to the winners and paricipants of HyperScore 55! Don't miss HyperScore 56: Frogger!
We also got some great new 16:9 themes from both ghostlost and Bungles:
More new themes from leonardombn, Mykillvee, Bjalready, kymah, NEO207, and Rondar!
JSinn and dionymnia are still hard at work on the UHD GameCube Disc project:
Kondorito and gamesmame are bringing us some lovely new Famicom wheels:
darktigrous is back at his MSX wheel set as well!
More and more sexy Krakerman bezels on the way:
Gorgeous Bandai WonderSwan Color wheels from diskmach:
And more great work from SupraKarma in the Realistic SNES Box project:
Happy gaming!

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Thanks today to @RetroHumanoid @MADrigal @hoscarconh @ghostlost @Bungles @rondar @husko @JSinn @Krakerman @griffin518 @SupraKarma @ignees @kymah @NEO207!

HyperUpdate! So much widescreen love happening these days!
There's new fade, pause, and intro media from RetroHumanoid:
Two new beta simulations from MADrigal:
More great 16:9 themes from hoscarconh, ghostlost, bungles, and Rondar:
husko has added to his impressive UHD SNES marquees project for HS supporters:
We got more of JSinn's great disc work:
More 4K arcade bezels/marquees from Krakerman:
Another great bezel from griffin518:
Further additions to the realistic-style SNES box project from SupraKarma:
As well as great new 4:3 themes from ignees, kymah, and NEO207:
Happy gaming!

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Thank you @RetroHumanoid @Bungles @ghostlost @husko @Krakerman @SupraKarma @Mykillvee @rondar @MildAnti and the rest of our awesome community.

HyperUpdate! This has been a Saturday full of awesome submissions!
We got yet another awesome cinematic theme from the talented RetroHumanoid:
A host of wonderful Telltale Games and other PC themes from Bungles:
More awesome ghostlost themes!
husko announced more marquees and themes:
More 4K marquees and bezels from Krakerman:
More new SNES boxes from SupraKarma:
And new 4:3 themes from Mykillvee, rondar, and MildAnti:

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Big thanks to @ghostlost @Bungles @NEO207 @Mykillvee @Krakerman @SupraKarma @Kondorito @husko! Green mushrooms for everybody!

HyperUpdate! The site is currently undergoing updates and maintenance so there may be some temporary outages. Hasn't stopped people from contributing to the community though :D
ghostlost uploaded more of his gorgeous 16:9 themes and wheels:
Bungles contributed more awesome 16:9 themes and new frontend exit media:
Great new 4:3 themes from NEO207 and Mykillvee:
Several sexy new 4K marquees/bezels from Krakerman:
Loads of new historically accurate boxes from SupraKarma and Kondorito's SNES project:
And more outstanding UHD SNES marquees from husko!
Happy gaming!


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